Confined Space Rescue Operations

Confined Space Rescue Operations

The purpose of this 3 day Confined Space Rescue Operations course is to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to serve as members of their location's industrial rescue team. The class is designed for team members who require an in-depth understanding of rope rescue systems.

Confined Space Rescue Operations Team Leader removes victim

Victim Extraction by Confined Space Rescue Operations Team

This 3 day Confined Space Rescue Operations course teaches students how to conduct a variety of rescues in permit-required confined spaces. This includes developing and updating pre-plans, conducting practice rescues, inspecting and maintaining equipment, and coordinating with other emergency responders. Over two thirds of the class consists of field exercises and enactment training.

The focus of the class will be on confined space rescue operations training but the principles covered will apply to a wide range of industrial rescue scenarios. This class will also provide multiple opportunities to apply advanced high angle rope techniques to industrial confined space rescue operations.

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3 Day Confined Space Rescue Operations Class Info

Prerequisites: Before attending this class, students need to have completed confined space entrant/attendant and fall protection training,Welcome letter logo and have a background in rope rescue. In addition, they may need to have previous training or a background in First Aid/CPR, respiratory protection, and hazardous materials. Students must disclose any physical limitation that impacts their ability to perform rescue activities.


$775.00 / person


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Jim Johnson February 15, 2017
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