Rescue and Safety Training
Rescue and Safety Training
Rescue and Safety Training
Rescue and Safety Training

Rescue Training

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Safety Training
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Using the latest in techniques and equipment, our rescue training reflects consensus standards promulgated by NFPA, ANSI, OSHA, and FEMA. We have operations and advanced technician training levels.

We offer mastery training in the areas of confined space, excavation, fall
protection.Our students can immediately apply their new skills and
knowledge to enhance the safety and productivity of their work

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What Makes D2000 a leader in the Safety and Rescue Training industry?

  • Our¬†dedicated staff has decades of experience providing training and consultation in high-hazard industrial environments.
  • Our company has over a quarter of a century of safety and industrial training in diverse and complex industrial environments such as hydro dams, gas and oil refineries, power plants, water and wastewater treatment plants, wind turbines, food processing plants, and many other industries.
  • We have developed numerous train-the-trainer programs in confined space, fall protection, excavation, forklifts, and industrial rescue, which allow our clients to deliver effective training internally and at an affordable cost.

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