Confined Space Train The Trainer

Confined Space Train the Trainer

Confined Space Train the Trainer provides safety managers, line supervisors, or anyone else with confined space safety responsibilities with the knowledge and resources they need to develop, implement, and maintain a confined space safety program. Essential aspects of this program include:Confined Space Train the Trainer 1

  • Compliance with state and Federal requirements.
  • Inclusion of best safety practices.
  • Establishment of clear responsibilities.
  • Ability to be effectively communicating to employees through delivery of an well-established training curriculum.

In two days students acquire the knowledge, skills and resources required to develop and administer a compliant confined space safety program. This includes:

  • Surveying workplace to identify permit-required confined spaces.
  • Performing a comprehensive hazard analysis of both space- and work-caused hazards.
  • Developing procedures and policies required to eliminate or control hazards.
  • Developing or updating the work location's confined space safety written program.
  • Ensuring availability and proper use of all needed equipment such as monitors, ventilators, tripods, retrieval lines, and lighting/electrical equipment.
  • Ensuring availability of a compliant rescue capability.
  • Training affected workers to fulfill the roles and responsibilities of entrants, attendants, and/or entry supervisors as defined by OSHA codes.

A key outcome of Confined Space: Train the Trainer is learning to train members of your location's permit space entry teams. Students receive a Confined Space: Train the Trainer Leader's Guide complete with PowerPoint presentations, student workbooks, and a variety of other resources for effective delivery of the training program. This class does not have any formal prerequisites but is intended for students with a knowledge of safe work protocols such as lockout/tagout, personal protective equipment, and hazard communication. This program meets the requirements of OSHA 1910.146 and all state-specific regulations.

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Confined Space Train the Trainer - COURSE OBJECTIVES

At the end of this class, the students should be able to:

  • Identify confined spaces and permit spaces at their location.
  • Identify and control hazards created by the design of the space.
  • Identify and control hazards created by the work activities.Welcome letter logo
  • List roles and responsibilities of entrants, attendants, entry supervisors, rescuers, and program managers.
  • Assess adequacy of an existing entry permit or design/adapt a new permit to reflect the work location's requirements.
  • Assess adequacy of an existing written permit program or develop or tailor an existing program to reflect the work location's requirements.
  • Develop procedures to reflect special conditions such making partial entries.
  • Develop data needed to identify permit spaces that can be reclassified and entered under alternate entry procedures.
  • Provide affected contractors with required safety information before work in permit spaces.
  • Assess and control hazards that are caused by hot work (e.g., welding) in a confined space.
  • Provide effective training to workers with permit space responsibilities (e.g., entrants, attendants, and entry supervisors).

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Jim Johnson July 18, 2017
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