Wind Turbine Safety and Rescue

Wind Turbine Safety and RescueAs our country works to diversify its energy sources, we're seeing a number of wind energy projects take shape locally. Up and down the Columbia River Gorge a growing number of elegant, white turbines spin gracefully while generating needed power.

Over the last few years we've been asked to provide safety and rescue training to a variety of turbine builders, operators and repair persons.

"I think we're well suited to this," explains Jim Johnson, CEO of D2000 safety. "With our background in confined space, fall protection and rescue we can tailor a curriculum that meets the exact needs of these workers."

One recent project included training employees of the Silvey Corporation to perform rescues for possible stricken workers. Silvey's Randy Smith explains, "Our client provided us with some rescue equipment but this packaged system didn't provide us with the flexibility needed to perform rescues that we felt would be needed." D2000 trained Silvey's employees on simplified rope rescue techniques that addressed this perceived weakness.

"The D2000 instructors did a great job," Mr. Smith explained, "and we're looking forward to having them back."

Other projects have included delivery of a special, one-day fall protection and confined space program for workers who must enter and nose cone and blades to perform fiberglass repairs.

"It's sort of a special set of skills these people need," Jim Johnson explained. "They only need to be trained to the specific climbing and confined space procedures that they're expected to follow, so we can get the job done in a single day."

Jim Johnson April 17, 2014
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