Fall Protection Equipment Inspection

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fall protection equipment inspection

Fall Protection Equipment Inspection Is Required

Requirements for fall protection equipment inspection affect both users and competent persons. While user inspections tend to be fairly brief, competent persons are required to perform regular, in-depth fall protection equipment inspections of equipment in use at a facility. These inspections must be documented and consistent inspection criteria must be applied throughout the organization (OSHA guidelines). This course is designed to provide competent person with the skills and knowledge needed to perform formal inspections and administer an inspection program. This class can be taught to competent persons (four-hour class) or it can be taught as a train the trainer.

Course Objectives
When you have completed this class you
should be able to:

  • List and describe the scope of standards
    that govern the inspection of fall
    protection equipment.
  • List the criteria that affect the integrity of
    fall protection equipment.
  • Assess the condition of harnesses, lanyards,
    and connectors.
  • Follow manufacturer’s guidelines regarding
    retirement or repair of fall arrest
  • Provide training and oversight regarding
    inspections to users of fall protection

Course Outline
  • Course Introduction
Course Outline and Objectives
  • Hierarchy of Standards
  • ANSI Standards
  • ANSI Inspection/Storage
  • ANSI 6.2 Maintenance and Storage
RecallsExpiration DatesSoftware
  • Heat and UV
  • Sewing Software
  • Formal Equipment Inspection Process
  • Software Inspection Procedure
  • Software Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Inspection Procedure
  • Hardware Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Stress vs. Strain
Course Summary

Our programs reflect:
ANSI/ASSE Z490.1-2009 Criteria
for Accepted Practices in Safety,
Health, and Environmental Training

Jim Johnson January 7, 2016
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