G First NFPA Quik Lok Carabiner

Built as the new workhorse for Fire, Industrial, Rescue, Safety and Tactical industries, the G First NFPA Quik Lok is the world's lightest carabiner to earn the full-strength, “General” rating from the National Fire Protection Association! Rated to 40kN, this 'biner weighs only 4.6 oz—almost 10% lighter than other G-Rated aluminumG First NFPA Quik Lok 1 'biners and less than half the weight of steel carabiners. G FIRST is ISO Cold Forged from aircraft-quality, heat-treated aluminum. Get them in all-purpose bright, Rescue Red or Covert Black. Whether you're fighting fires, working at height, saving lives or in a combat zone, the G FIRST has you covered.

G First NFPA Quik Lok:

  • Gate Opening mm/inch : 28 / 1.1
  • Major-Axis Strength: 40kN
  • Gate Open Strength: 11kN
  • Minor-Axis Strength: 11kN
  • Weight grams/ounces: 130 / 4.6
  • Length mm/inch: 130 / 5.12
  • Width mm/inch: 74.7 / 2.94


Jim Johnson June 14, 2016
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