Fall Protection Competent Person

Fall Protection Competent Person training provides you with an understanding of:

  • The hazards posed by falls.
  • Calculating fall forces.
  • Methods of fall protection.Fall Protection Competent person 1
  • Designing and implementing a fall arrest program.
  • Selecting, inspecting and maintaining fall arrest equipment.
  • Training workers.
  • Emergency procedures.

Course materials include a complete student manual, along with checklists and forms that are essential for any comprehensive fall arrest program.
Students successfully completing the program will receive a Certificate of Completion.

$545.00 /per person


Fall Protection Competent Person - Course Outline

Introduction to Fall ProtectionWelcome letter logo

  • Fall Basics
  • Fall Protection Standards
  • History of Fall Protection Equipment
  • History of Fall Protection Standards
  • Qualified and Competent Persons
  • Classes of Fall Protection
  • Levels of Fall Protection

Physics of a Fall

  • Basic Terminology
  • Fall Calculations

Conventional Methods of Fall Protection

  • Personal Fall Arrest Systems
  • Guardrails
  • Safety Nets

Other Methods of Fall Protection

  • Fall Restraint Systems
  • Positioning Device Systems
  • Roof Brackets and Slide Guards
  • Warning Line Systems
  • Controlled Access Zones (CAZ)
  • Safety Monitoring Systems
  • Fall Protection Plans

Fall Hazard Assessments

Communication and Training

  • Competent Person
  • Communication Processes

Equipment Maintenance and Inspection


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Optional D2000 Fall Protection User Trainer Kits

Trainer kits provide you D2000's Fall Protection User training materials to teach your fellow employees. Trainer kits are available only to students enrolled in Fall Protection Competent Person classes.

Fall Protection Trainer Kit's are available for an additional charge of $145.Trainer Kit photo 2
Each Trainer kit includes:

  • D2000 Fall Protection User Leader's Guide with notes ($125.00 retail value)
  • Fall Protection Powerpoint on CD with embedded videos
  • 15 D2000 Fall Protection User Student Workbooks ($8.95 each/$134.25 total retail value)
  • Class Rosters
  • Class Evaluation Forms
  • Fall Protection Post Tests
  • Access to D2000's Acredited Curiculum Provider (ACP) program for one year. ($75.00 retail value)
  • Retail value of over $340.00!
Jim Johnson August 29, 2017
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