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Welcome to Confined Space Rescue Low Angle Operations


Confined Space Rescue Low Angle OperationsPPT6/30/16PowerPoint files contain the videos, so there is no need to download additional video files.

Class Materials

Industrial Rescue Class RosterPDF4/16/14
Industrial Rescue Class EvaluationPDF4/16/14
Rescue Team Member EvaluationPDFDOC3/10/14
Rescue Team EvaluationPDFDOC3/10/14
Rescue Pre-plan FormPDFDOC3/10/14
Incident ReportPDFDOC3/10/14
Debrief ChecklistPDFDOC3/10/14


TitleMedia DLDateNotes
Valero asphyxiation accidentWMV3/10/14Describes a nitrogen asphyxiation incident at an oil refinery. Produced by (10 minutes)
Xcel Energy accidentWMV3/10/14This video describes a fire in a hydro dam penstock in Colorado. (16 minutes)
Phoenix Tank ExplosionWMV3/10/14News footage describing the explosion of a toluene tank in Phoenix, Arizona. (3 minutes)
Mine Welding ExplosionWMV3/10/14Surveillance video of a welding explosion in a rock crusher at an open pit mine. (29 seconds)
Petzl Harness InspectionWMV3/10/14(5 minutes)
Petzl Rope InspectionWMV3/10/14(2 minutes)
Knot: BarrelWMV3/10/14(31 seconds)
Knot: Double BarrelWMV3/10/14(32 seconds)
Knot: ButterflyWMV3/10/14(39 seconds)
Knot: Clove HitchWMV3/10/14(29 seconds)
Knot: Figure 8 BendWMV3/10/14(40 seconds)
Knot: Figure 8 BightWMV3/10/14(15 seconds)
Knot: Figure 8 Follow ThroughWMV3/10/14(41 seconds)
Knot: Figure 8 StopperWMV3/10/14(15 seconds)
Knot: Girth HitchWMV3/10/14(17 seconds)
Knot: Munter HitchWMV3/10/14(25 seconds)
Knot: Prussik HitchWMV3/10/14(53 seconds)

Info Resources

California Low Angle TaskbookPDF3/10/14
Oregon Rescue Technician TaskbookPDF3/10/14
Phoenix High Angle SOPsPDF3/10/14
Monthly Refresher Training SchedulePDFDOC3/10/14


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G June 30, 2016
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