Yates Mountain Lite Double Pulley

Yates Mountain Lite Double pulley

Item # Y-6225

Yates Mountain Lite Double Pulley

The Yates Mountain Lite Double Pulley are new sealed bearing prusik minding pulleys designed to maximize strength while reducing weight.


  • A new standard for high strength, lightweight pulleys.
  • Weight reduction of up to 35% over pulleys of similar size.
  • Designed specifically for mountain rescue and USAR applications when a lightweight, NFPA G certified pulley is needed.
  • Made using aircraft quality aluminum, the Yates Mountain Lite Double Pulley¬†design features a 2.5 inch sheave (full, true 2 inch tread diameter). This diameter sheave is the best compromise for aximizing efficiency while reducing weight and bulk.
  • Unique channel milled into the side of the sheave reduces the effect of debris building up between it and the side plate. Side plate design allows the use of larger ropes in a compact pulley.
  • Certified to NFPA G 1983/2006 ed.
  • Weight: 15 oz. double.
Jim Johnson June 14, 2016
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