Version 3 Confined Space Leader’s Guide Released

Following months of development, D2000 is proud to release Version 3 of the Confined Space Leader's Guide.
Trainers who are familiar with previous versions of this program will notice a number of improvements. For example in the Entrant/Attendant program, trainers can expect to find:
o More information on proper ventilation practices.
o An added section dealing with welding in confined spaces.
o Increased use of short videos.
o Added information on heat exposure.
o Short progress checks (quizzes) after each module to review key points.
"Other improvements," according to the program's developer, and D2000 CEO, Jim Johnson, "include a cleaner look and a more logical learning path." In others words, some of the topics have been re-ordered to better match the students' learning needs.
"Where it made sense we wanted to present these topics in the same order that students would encounter them in the field," according to Mr. Johnson. "This tends to improve retention of the key points."
Version 2 workbooks and CDs will still be avialable.
We will be contacting students who have completed D2000's Confined Space Train the Trainer within the last twelve months to offer them a low-cost upgrade.
Jim Johnson April 17, 2014
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