Traverse 540 Rescue Belay

Traverse 540 Rescue Belay

This device was developed to meet the requirements of rescue system belays. The Traverse 540 Rescue Belay is a self-locking device that meets demanding drop-test criteria. In other words, it is able to arrest falling loads quickly while limiting the peak force.

Specifically, a 1 meter drop of a 280 kg load onto 3 meters of 12.7 mm kernmantle traverse 540 rescue belay 1rescue rope can be arrested with less than 1 meter of additional travel and less than 15kN peak force. (British Columbia Council on the Technical Rescue Belay Competence Drop Test).

This exquisitely engineered device is simple to rig and the innovative design reduces the risk of improper loading.

The 540 is equipped with a built-in lever that releases the tension on the belay rope. This eliminates the need for a release hitch.

Designed for use with kernmantle rescue ropes from 11.5 to 13mm.

Item # CMC-540

Jim Johnson June 14, 2016
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