Tower Rescue Training In Indiana

Tower Rescue Training In IndianaThe class began with bookwork and review of basic skills, like the foot wrap seen in the picture above. Then it was off to train on actual telecommunications towers. Over the course of four intense training days, D2000's rescue instructors, Greg Arbizo and Lary Morton, delivered our Tower Rescue Operations course to four workers with Perry-Spencer Telephone in St. Meinard, Indiana,

"It was a great group and we covered a lot of material in a short period of time," Greg Arbizo explained. "The students had limited climbing expereince but since it was a small class, and we tailored the curriculum to their exact needs, they got a lot of learning in and are off to a great start."

After several hours in the classroom, the next step was taking the students out to a garage bay where they could practice basic climbing techniques. Then it was off to live exercises on the tower.

"Rescue is something that you never really master, you just have to keep learning and practicing new skills," Lary explained. "I think these guys have a good foundation on which to build those skills."

Jim Johnson April 17, 2014
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