Tandem Pulley

Petzl Tandem Pulley

The Tandem pulley is designed for use with Tyrolean traverses on rope. Petzl's pullies are considered the best available. Designed and tested to insure effciency, strength, and ease of use.

Features:Tandem pulley 1

  • Sheaves fitted with self-lubricating bushings for good efficiency.
  • Attachment point accepts up to three carabiners to facilitate use.
  • May be used at speeds of up to 10 meters/second.
  • Can be used to build rope pulley systems.
  • Color: red.

Technical specifications :

  • Breaking strength 24 kN.
  • Working load 10 kN.
  • For use with ropes of maximum diameter 13 mm.
  • 195 g
  • Individually tested
  • CE EN 12 278

Item # P-P21

Jim Johnson June 14, 2016
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