Standby Rescue

Standby Rescuestandby rescue

Providing adequate levels of standby rescue and emergency response services at an industrial facility or construction site can be problematic. Special projects in particular pose special challenges.

When workers must be exposed to hazardous environments - whether deep in a confined space or high overhead - protect them with the knowledge that the best on-site safety and standby rescue services are just seconds away.

What Level of Rescue Capability is Needed?

There is no single, right answer. But there are processes which will help you make this determination.

With respect to your in-house team, this blog posting (How Capable Does My Team Need to Be?) can provide some insight.

If your team cannot meet the challenges, we can assist in several ways. The most cost-effective method is by assigning one or more rescue technicians to augment your own in-house capabilities. We can also provide a trained team who can respond effectively to an emergency in almost any industrial or construction environment. Each appraoch is described in more detail below.

Rescue Technician

If you have an on-site team that may not have the capabilities to deal with challenges posed by a specific project, we can assign a Rescue Technician who can:

  • Assess your team's capabilities.
  • Provide refresher training as needed.
  • Develop a written rescue pre-plan.
  • Standby as needed to oversee work operations and any emergency response.

The Rescue Technician can also oversee the work activities of your employees and contractors which is always the best method of ensuring the health and safety of everyone at your location.

Standby Rescue Teams

For various special projects, he simplest approach may be to ask us to provide a fully-equipped team. Everyone we send unto a work-site shares a number of characteristics. They are:

  • Highly-trained and experienced,
  • Properly equipped, and
  • Serious about protecting worker’s health and well-being.

Once on site there are a number of goals these persons are trained and equipped to achieve. These include:

  • Developing, validating, and reviewing your job safety procedures.
  • Developing pre-incident plans (pre-plans) for confined space and high-angle rescue scenarios.
  • Training (or retraining) workers in specific safety topics.
  • Inspecting equipment.
  • Conducting/facilitating pre-job safety briefings.
  • Supervising work activities.

This process helps ensure that you can satisfy the regulatory requirements, and provide your workers with the highest levels of protection. Our safety and rescue experts can provide the support and security your workers deserve. Our teams are fully trained in:

  • Confined Space Operations
  • Fall Protection
  • Excavation Safety
  • Hazmat Operations
  • Respiratory Protection
  • First Aid and Basic Life Support

If you would like to discuss your location's rescue challenges, please give us a call at: 800-551-8763.

Jim Johnson February 9, 2016
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