Skedco 4:1 Rescue Kit

Skedco 4:1 Rescue Kit

The Skedco 4:1 Rescue Kit uses the Rescuemate, a double pulley, two large steel 'D' carabiners, the required amount of 1/2" PMI static kernmantle rescue rope, and a handy rope bag with a pocket for storing the pre-rigged system.Skedco 4:1 Rescue Kit 1

It can be attached to an anchor and ready to use in seconds. When ordering your Skedco 4:1 Rescue Kit, remember that the rope length is determined by using 4 times the distance from the tripod anchors to the bottom of the hole, plus 30 feet for tying knots, etc. The standard model can be used for distances up to 25-feet. Additional models are availible for 50-feet, 75-feet, and 100 feet.

Custom sizes can be fabricated on request.

Item # SK-720-25

Jim Johnson June 14, 2016
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