Sked Complete Rescue System

Sked Complete Rescue System

The Sked Complete Rescue System combines the Sked® Basic Rescue System (SK-200), the Oregon Spine Splint II (SK-300) and the Sked® Foam Flotation System (SK-600) in a single money saving package.

Sked complete rescue system 1

SKED Complete Rescue System ready to deploy

The entire system combines to make a single back-packable unit. With this system you'll be ready for any emergency rescue situation on land, in the water, or in the air. Available in International Orange.

Everything you need is fitted in a 9" diameter by 36" long stretcher bag (the same bag for SK-200) with the Oregon Spine Splint II stored inside. All the accessories will fit into two outside pockets.

The SK-800 is identical to SK-800-OR and SK-800-GR except the foam flotation and 15 lbs ballast bag are replaced with inflatable flotation and empty ballast bag. Excellent choice for Military to keep the system lightweight.

Made in USA.

Item # SK-800-OR

Jim Johnson June 14, 2016
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