Scaffold Training for WISHA Compliance Officers

Scaffold Training for WISHA Compliance OfficersHarvey McGill, D2000's expert on scaffolding and construction safety, spent six days in September training Washington OSHA inspectors. Two classes with about twenty-five inspectors in each class spent three days studying the regulations, technical manuals and working with several types of scaffolds. Scaffold safety is a major issue on most construction sites and given the various types of scaffolds and the ways in which they can be assembled, the course needed to cover a great deal of ground.

"We focused on supported and suspended scaffolds safety requirements, and also spent some time discussing mobile elevated work platforms," Harvey said. "The class went well and the course evaluations and post-tests indicated that the students learned a great deal."

Course materials included technical brochures provided by Safway Scaffolds as well as safety guidelines published by the Scaffold, Shoring and Forming Institute and used with permission. The students also had extensive hands-on experience with ladder jacks, mobile platforms and various types of supported scaffolds.

The classes were held at the HAMMER Training facility in Richland, Washington. This regional training facility has a national reputation for providing excellent facilities and props for advanced safety training.

Jim Johnson April 17, 2014
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