Rope Access Training

Rope Access Training

Rope Access provides students with the essential skills needed to operate in the vertical environment. These skill sets requires substantial time and commitment. These courses reflect a variety of rope access and technical rope use standards including those promulgated by private certifying agencies, ANSI, ISO, and NFPA.

Rope Access 1

Rope Access and Rescue Training for Workers

The skills required to perform this type of work vary widely depending on the environment and the level of performance needed, the type of work being conducted, and the equipment in use. As a result, we offer several customized options including:
• Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Operatives
• Supervisor/Manager
• Bridge Inspection Rope Technician
• Wind Turbine Rope Technician
• Wireless Communication Tower Rope Technician
• Transmission Tower Live-Line/Bare-hand Rope Technician

The focus of this training is to ensure that all team roles (operative, supervisor, and manager) are fulfilled in accordance with the standards and company policies.

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Rope Access – Competence Requirements 


  1. Principles and methods of fall protection utilizing the hierarchy of controls (e.g. restraint, work positioning and fall arrest)
  2. Equipment management and pre-use checks
  3. Use of back-up system
  4. Selection of anchor points
  5. Personal rigging and rope management
  6. Rigging a lowering and raising system (mainline) from a fixed anchor point
  7. Rigging a belay line from a fixed anchor point
  8. Rig controlled release anchor systems (CRAS)
  9. Safe approach to point of descent/ascent
  10. Personal vertical mobility including descending, ascending, and converting from descent to ascent and vice versa
  11. Place and pass a re-anchor/re-belay
  12. Simple vertical rescue operating CRAS
  13. Simple vertical rescue by descent
  14. Place and pass a deviation anchor
  15. Rope to rope transfer

Intermediate (Prerequisite – all Basic Operative Competencies):

Rope Access 2

Live-line Transmission Linemen Rope Access & Rescue

  1. Install a re-anchor (re-belay and re-mainline)
  2. Overhead anchor traverse
  3. Use of compound and complex pulley mechanical advantage systems
  4. Ground-based rescue of a suspended casualty
  5. Solo rescue of a casualty in ascent
  6. Solo rescue of a casualty around an obstruction
  7. Rigging Skate-block systems

Advanced (Prerequisite – all Intermediate Operative Competencies):

  1. Extreme lead climbing (greater the 300 feet)
  2. Non-overhead anchor traverse
  3. Team controlled highline rigging with reeving systems
  4. Solo operator controlled highline rigging with self-reeving
  5. Rescue with highline/reeving systems

Supervisor/Manager (Prerequisite – Knowledge of Advanced Operative Competencies):

  1. Knowledge and detailed understanding of legal requirements
  2. Worksite risk management
  3. Equipment management
  4. Personnel management
  5. Record keeping
  6. Procedures development
  7. Site specific rescue plan development
  8. Rigging oversight and instruction

Specialized Rope Access Courses:

  1. Bridge Inspection Rope Technician
  2. Wind Turbine Rope Technician
  3. Wireless Communication Tower Rope Technician
  4. Transmission Tower Live-Line/Bare-hand Rope Technician

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Jim Johnson June 29, 2016
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