Forklift Challenge – Forklift Safety Newsletter – January 2015

Columbia Forklift Challenge 2015

Forklift Challenge Rodeo 1

He drives (slowly), he shoots (carefully), he scores (smiling)!

When was the last time that your forklift operators had a chance to show off their skills and have a little fun? I’m not talking about doing donuts in the parking lot. I’m talking about participating in a forklift skills competition; sometimes referred to as a forklift challenge or a forklift rodeo.

These events have been around for decades and are an opportunity to:

  • Show off your operating skills.
  • Bond with your co-workers.
  • Learn from the successes (and failures) of others.

This year the GOSH Conference in Portland is hosting the Columbia Forklift Challenge on March 11th. The event is limited to a maximum of 35 operators.

If you would like to sign up go to and complete the entry form. The enrollment deadline is February 6th.

One of the practical benefits of attending a rodeo is to get some ideas on setting up a driving course at your facility.

Forklift challenge Rodeo 2

Navigating the cones to place a load during a forklift rodeo.

This is a great way to:

  • Test your operator’s current skills as part of their certification.
  • Provide them with a place to practice and develop their hand/eye coordination.

How do you prepare for a forklift competition? There is plenty of information online regarding forklift rodeos. One of the more comprehensive publications you can download is Ohio’s “Forklift Rodeo Guide”. The guide will give you ideas on how to set up your own course. There are also a number of YouTube videos which will give you a better idea of what to expect at a forklift rodeo.

If you’re planning to attend GOSH be sure to stop by our booth and we hope to see you at the Columbia Forklift Challenge!

If you would like to share your experiences/photos of forklift incidents that can educate others on the principles of safe forklift operation please send them to:

We will not publish company or individuals names.

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Bruce Hulberg February 10, 2016
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