Forklift Safety Improvement Program

D2000's Forklift Safety Improvement Program is a consultative service that is customized based on your needs. We will work with you to improve the safety and efficiency of your facility!

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D2000 Forklift Safety Improvement Program

These services might include:

Forklift Operator Skills Evaluation and Coaching

Some companies feel that merely showing a Hyster video and having the operator drive around a parking lot is all they need to do to certify an operator. The reality is that even experienced operators have bad habits. This service is designed to evaluate their skill level and provide them with coaching to make them safer and more efficient operators.

Forklift Training Program Development

This service is designed to evaluate your forklift trainer’s skills while they perform classroom instruction, forklift inspection, work site hazard identification, administer driving tests, and certify your operators. Additional coaching will be provided as needed.

Incident Investigation/Analysis

Effective incident investigation, communicating the results, and developing appropriate actions are imperative to preventing future incidents. Unless the root cause of the incident is determined and addressed it is much more likely that the same incident will occur again.  Analyzing incidents over time will often identify areas for improvement.

Warehouse/Yard Hazard Identification/Control

Hazard identification and control is vital in areas where forklifts are operating. This service can help reduce spilled loads, forklift damage, and improve pedestrian safety.

Creating Load Stacking Guidelines

Each product has unique characteristics that may warrant stacking the product in different ways. We can develop load stacking guidelines which can be used to train your operators.

Warehouse/Work Flow Analysis

By analyzing production, forklift tasks, and warehouse layout this service is designed to help improve your safety and efficiency.

D2000's Forklift Safety Improvement Program is customized based on your needs. Our instructors have many years of experience in Forklift Safety. They understand the special requirements to operate safely in a fast paced industrial environment.

Our programs reflect:

ANSI/ASSE Z490.1-2009
Criteria for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health, and Environmental Training




Bruce Hulberg February 11, 2016
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