Forklift Certification for Operators

Forklift Certification for Operators course is intended for operators of sit-drive, counterbalanced forklift vehicles, but many of the basic techniques and safety rules also apply to other powered industrial vehicles. The course includes classroom and hands-on training. The classroom portion of this

forklift certification 1course covers an assessment of the operator’s current knowledge/skills, the proper operation of equipment, and workplace hazards and special conditions.

In addition to classroom training, students must operate a forklift under the supervision of the instructor and successfully demonstrate all required skills. The curriculum reflects all the training requirements listed in 29 CFR 1910.178 as well as state-specific standards.

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Forklift Certification Course Objectives

Students who complete this training should be able to: 

  • Perform a thorough pre-use inspection.
  • Select, install, and use required attachments.
  • Assess driving surface conditions that affect stability.
  • Assess the effects of acceleration, braking, turning, and load-carrying on the equipment stability.
  • Respond appropriately in the event of a tip over.
  • Follow the location’s material handling policies and procedures.
  • Refuel the equipment and/or handle batteries safely.
  • Demonstrate operator proficiency.

 Course  Outline 

  • Introduction to Forklifts
  • Accidents and Hazards
  • Types and Parts of Forklifts
  • Attachments

Pre-Shift Inspection

  • Inspection Procedure and Forms
  • Operator Manuals
  • Defect ID Workshop

Basic Operation

  • Center of Gravity & Stability
  • If You Start to Tip!
  • Operating Areas
  • Forklifts & Pedestrians
  • Transmission and Shifting
  • Traveling (steering, inclines, stopping)
  • Load Handling (lifting, inching, tilting)
  • Lifting People
  • Truck Trailers, Rail cars, Docks
  • Parking and Shutdown


  • Propane
  • Battery Handling and Charging

Record Keeping

Post-test and Skills Evaluation

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Bruce Hulberg June 29, 2016
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