Wind Turbine Rescue Training

Wind turbine rescue training teaches students how to perform organized, systematic rescues from wind turbines. These techniques are also applicable to other types of towers including radio, radar, microwave, electrical, transmission, water, and lighting structures. This wind turbine training usually requires three days.

Participants learn the procedures and systems required for stabilizing and lowering patients and have ample opportunity to use their skills and knowledge in simulated rescue situations. Because each turbine has its own unique hazards, the scenarios, enactments, and equipment are tailored to each industrial site.

Prerequisites Before taking this class, students must have completed fall protection training. They should also have current First Aid and CPR certifications.

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Wind Turbine Rescue Course Outline


Wind Turbine Rescue Training 1

Performing a mock rescue from the nacelle of a wind turbine on Peter Island.

  • Basic Fall Protection
  • Rescue Fundamentals

Rescue Basics

  • Self-rescue
  • Assisted Rescue
  • Team Rescue

Basic Rescue Process

  • Deploying Equipment and Personnel
  • Establishing a Command Structure
  • Assessing the Scene/Scene Safety
  • Rigging Rope Systems
  • Accessing and Packaging the Patient
  • Moving the Patient

Rescue Team Structure

  • Incident Command System
  • Roles and Responsibilities

Mainline Systems

  • Anchors
  • High Points
  • Mechanical Advantage


  • Conditional and Unconditional Belays
  • Mainline Failure

Rope System Setup and Operation

  • Operating the Mainline
  • Operating the Belay
  • Communication
  • Pre-rigs
  • Pick-offs


  • Tensile Strengths
  • Safety Ratios
  • Software (Rope and Webbing)
  • Harnesses
  • Hardware (Carabiners, Pulleys, Ascenders, Descenders)
  • Specialty Equipment
  • Inspection and Care

Knots and Hitches

  • Rescue-suitable Knots
  • Family of Eight
  • Hitches and Prusiks
  • Bends, Bowline, Butterfly

Rescue Procedures

  • Pre-Planning
  • Rescue Methods and Decision Factors

Practice Rescues

Wind Turbine Rescue can be taught at your location, request a quote!

Wind Turbine Rescue Training

As the nation turns to increased wind production, companies face a growing demand for advanced safety and rescue training. Workers who maintain these structures face a variety of safety challenges. Work activities are performed in relatively inaccessible, elevated locations and involve potential energy sources and confined areas. As a result employers often elect to provide a simple means of rescue for workers who may be incapacitated due to an accident or medical emergency.

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Jim Johnson June 29, 2016
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