Rescue Training in Kenai, Alaska

Rescue Training in Kenai, AlaskaIn August, D2000 rescue instructors conducted six days of confined space and industrial rescue training in Kenai Alaska at the Agrium company's nitrogen processing facility.

The Kenai plant is located on the east side of the Cook Inlet on the Kenai Peninsula and produces anhydrous ammonia and urea. Product from this facility is shipped to many parts of the world including Australia, Chile, China, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand and South Vietnam.

Instructors Greg Arbizo and Lary Morton conducted two, three-day classes with eleven students in each class. "There was a lot to cover," Greg said. "But the students were real motivated to learn the needed skills and get in as much practice as possible. We ended up staying for several extra hours each day just to make sure that we had achieved all our traiing goals."

According to Agrium's Rick Warren, "Greg and Lary did an excellent job. Very patient with the students and we got a lot more than we expected. I'm looking forward to conducting drills in the future so our teams can practice what they've learned."

"Alaska's a great place to train," Lary Morton said, "we always have fun up there and it's more than just the scenery. The students are great. They have a lot of self-reliance and no matter how challenging the task they just seem to get right into it."

Jim Johnson April 17, 2014
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