Ramfan Blower 12-inch

Ramfan Blower 12-inch

The Ramfan Blower 12-inch blower delivers about twice the amount of air of an 8-inch blower since the flow area is about two times as large. This means ventilation or purge times are cut in half, allowing quicker entry into a ventilated area or more rapid removal of contaminants.Ramfan Blower 12-inch 1

Use this blower with 12-inch reinforced hose on either suction or discharge. Order hose in 15 ft or 25 ft sections. Duct storage bags complete the package and protect the hose from damage between uses. Call us to help you design the perfect package.

No other high volume 12-inch axial blower offers the features and benefits as does the EFi75. The high strength, glass reinforced ABS housing alone will justify your purchase.

Lightweight, corrosion-proof, chemical-resistant, and built to take years of abusive handling, the housing is well-suited for tough industrial environments. The IP 65 switch enclosure insures continuous operation in inclement weather. Our high performance cast, aluminum impeller design generates the high pressure needed for longer duct runs.


  • Lightweight, corrosion and chemical resistant
  • 100% duty cycle TEAO motor
  • Integral duct adapters
  • IP65 switch enclosure "watertight"
  • Available as 115VAC or 230VAC

Ramfan blowers are special ordered, call us at 800-551-8763 or use our online shopping cart below. Online orders will be confirmed with the buyer before being placed with the manufacturer.

Item # EFI75

Jim Johnson June 14, 2016
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