Oregon Spine Splint II

Sked Oregon Spine Splint II

The Sked® Oregon Spine Splint II is the choice of the U.S. Army. This spinal immobilization/extrication device is the only device of it's type that meets all of the established criteria for immobilizing a seated patient.Sked Oregon Spine Splint 2

An ideal companion for the Sked® Stretcher System, when properly used the OSS II provides for safe removal of patients from injury sites without doing further damage to the spine.


  • Unique criss-crossing shoulder strap design provides superior immobilization without restricting breathing.
  • For clavical fractures, the OSS II can be re-configured to retract and immobilize the shoulders.
  • The OSS II is designed to provide easy access to the patient's chest or abdominal area for treatment or diagnostic procedures.
  • Can be used in place of a conventional short backboard and as a hip or leg splint.
  • The OSS II includes a shoulder board not found in similar devices, which can be used to prevent compression of the shoulders when using a flexible stretcher.
  • The OSS II folds into an extremely small package and slips inside a rolled-up Sked® Stretcher in its backpack bag, adding no volume to the Sked Rescue System package.
  • When used with the Sked® Stretcher the OSS II ensures critical spinal rigidity during transport, whether carried or lifted.
  • Available in International Orange or Coyote Brown. Made in USA.

Item # SK-300-OR

Jim Johnson June 14, 2016
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