Locking D Carabiner

Standard Locking D Carabiner

You’re looking at the Omega Pacific Standard Locking D carabiner, one of the strongest aluminum carabiners in the world. At 31kN, it’s wicked-strong and represents the most durable design in basic, functional climbing carabinersstandard locking d carabiner. Through ISO Cold Forging, we put material exactly where it will render the strongest design possible for a carabiner of its size and materials.

Standard Locking D:

  • Gate Opening mm/inch : 16 / .630
  • Major-Axis Strength: 31kN
  • Gate Open Strength: 9kN
  • Minor-Axis Strength: 9kN
  • Weight grams/ounces: 74 / 2.6
  • Length mm/inch: 108.7 / 4.28
  • Width mm/inch: 60.7 / 2.39

Item # OP-OPL5

Jim Johnson June 14, 2016
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