Micrograb Rope Grab

Intended for moving on fixed ropes (as a back-up belay), for hauling heavy loads, and as a progress capture device in hauling systems.

- Very secure attachment to the rope: installation is done by threading one end of the rope through the device, thus greatly reducing the chance of accidental disconnection from the rope.
- Can replace a Prusik hitch for making an adjustable lanyard.

- Very compact and lightweight.

- Slides easily up the rope and jams when the cam is loaded.

- Slides easily downwards if the cam is prevented from engaging.

- If overloaded or subjected to an impact force, the rope may slip through the device.

Technical specifications :

- Individually tested For use on single rope from 9 to 13 mm.
- 175 g

CE EN 567

Jim Johnson June 14, 2016
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