Heavy Duty Anchor Loops

Yates Heavy Duty Anchor Loops

The Yates Heavy Duty Anchor Loops are 1-inch extra heavy duty flat 10,000 lbf. (44kN) webbing with red cut indicator tracers. Sewn in a continuous loop.heavy duty anchor loops

Strength 15,000 lbf. (64.5kN).

Item # Y-690

About Yates Equipment:
"A high degree of safety is a standard we never compromise in our equipment. Our attention to meticulous workmanship and detail and producing the highest quality products has set an industry standard. We have developed many unique materials to produce specialized and innovative products including proprietary hardware, adjusters, webbing and foam laminates. Yates goes the extra mile to produce products that have been extensively field and lab tested to ensure that they perform in the rigorous manner which is necessary in this field. You know when you purchase a Yates product you are purchasing only the best!"

Jim Johnson June 14, 2016
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