Flat webbing 1-inch

Flat Webbing

Flat Webbing 1-inch mil spec type 18 webbing is regarded as the best webbing to use for heavy duty rigging applications. Shuttle loom flat construction offers superior abrasion resistance. This webbing is thicker and stronger and works better than tubular webbing in harsh environments. It's superior strength makes it a flat webbing 1perfect choice for heavy duty rescues. This webbing has excellent resistance to UV and mildew. It is approximately 50%  thicker and has less stretch than tubular 1″ webbing, but has the same 1″ width.

Colors: black, red, yellow, blue.

Strength 6000 lbf.

Item # Y-705

Please call for price quotes at 800-551-8763.

Jim Johnson June 14, 2016
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