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Pat Rhodes Rope Rescue Book CoverA Practitioner's Study: About Rope Rescue Rigging represents best practices in the rope rescue trade as seen through the eyes of international instructor and D2000 Rescue Services Manager - Pat Rhodes. This book includes three major sections; Management Level of Rope Rescue; Operations Level Rigging; and Technician Level Rigging. Reliable and applicable rigging physics is a central theme throughout this book. In the Management Level many factors are addressed that contribute to the success of a rope rescue incident and to the sustainable growth of a rescue program. The Operations Level looks at the nuts and bolts of rigging including: a robust chapter on knot craft; extensive anchor aptitude development, comprehensive treatment of belay systems and the many devices and techniques associated with belaying; Mainline issues associated with lowering and raising system; new and refreshing litter configurations; and vertical mobility. The Technician Level digs into the the reasons behind the actions, plus, the exploration of more advance techniques as seen in various highline systems, and mid-wall pick-offs. In this section the reader will find a detailed presentation of rigging physics, including vector analysis, friction basics, compression/tension, and torque. From the apprentice to the journeyman rescuer; highly beneficial rigging knowledge for all levels of expertise is available in this book.

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Jim Johnson April 17, 2014
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