Equipment lines we represent include: Petzl, Omega-PacificPMI, and Skedco.

Listings on this website include only the most popular items we sell. If you have a special need, look on the manufacturer's web site (the links are above) to find the exact product.
You can also give us a call at 800-551-8763 and talk to one of our equipment specialists.

DOWNLOAD our Suggested Rescue Equipment Cache List.

EXC Inspection Mobile App
This iPhone app helps the competent person perform OSHA-required inspections of excavations.

Forged AnchorageAnchors
These slings and rigging plates are essential for creating secure anchors.
Ascenders And Rope GrabsAscenders and Rope Grabs
Equipment designed to slide up the rope and grab.
Our carabiners have been selected for safety and quality.
Confined Space EntryConfined Space
We offer tripods, winches, ventilators, lifelines, and accessories for confined space entry and retrieval. Choose from a variety of manufacturers.
Control your rate of descent down a fixed line.
Our line of harnesses provide the best protection for fall arrest, rescue or work positioning.
These provide a distinct advantage over hand-held flashlights.
These helmets are designed specifically for industrial and rescue use.
Lanyards and deceleration devices are essential in any fall arrest system.
A variety of pulleys are available for just about any application.
Rope And CordsRope, Webbing, Bags, and Rope Protection
Get the exact ropes, webbing, bags, and rope protection for your fall protection or rescue needs from the country's best manufacturers.


DOWNLOAD our Suggested Rescue Equipment Cache List.


Jim Johnson September 13, 2017
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