Petzl DUO LED 14

The Petzl DUO LED 14 is a rugged headlamp can provides powerful long-range lighting (100m with its halogen bulb) or 3 levels of close-up lighting (with its 14 LEDs).

LED lighting offers 3 different settings:

  1. Optimum level (20 meters): powerful lighting with long battery life.
  2. Maximum level (26 meters): very powerful lighting with reduced battery life,
  3. Economy level (10 meters): less powerful light with very long battery life (up to 45 hours).

Petzl Duo LED 14 HeadlampThe Petzl DUO LED 14 also features Reserve Power Mode. When the batteries are almost completely discharged, the DUO LED 14 switches automatically to Reserve Power Mode, providing low-level proximity lighting and greatly extending burn time.

Whichever level is in use, the lighting level remains constant until the reserve power is used.


  • Adjustable width on the halogen light source.
  • Convenient location of the adjustment and on/off controls (located on opposite sides of the lighting unit).
  • On/off switch can be locked to avoid accidental switching on.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel contacts.
  • Lamps are waterproof.

Technical specifications :

  • Supplied with a spare halogen bulb.
  • Weight: 200g (not including batteries).
  • Operates with 4 AA/LR6 1.5 V batteries OR
  • ACCU DUO rechargeable NiMH batteries.

Item # P-E72 P

Jim Johnson September 12, 2017
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