GOSH 2015 Conference: We’ll be There

GOSH 2015 ConferenceThe 2015  Oregon Governor’s Occupational Safety & Health conference is only a few weeks away (March 10-12). If you're planning to attend, make sure you get registered. GOSH 2015 Conference is going to be a great experience.

We will have a booth in the vendor's area manned by Bruce Hulberg, our Safety Services Manager. In addition to information on all our safety and rescue classes, Bruce will be handing out small prizes (as in candy bars) to anyone who completes our remote-control forklift challenge. This might be a good warmup for anyone who plans to compete in the Columbia Forklift Challenge which tests the real-world skills of forklift operators in a timed event. For more information about forklift safety, feel free to look and download our Forklift Safety Newsletters.

On Thursday afternoon (1 - 4 pm). Jim Johnson, D2000 CEO will be presenting a seminar titled: Confined Space and Industrial Rescue: How Much and How? This program will help participants analyze their work areas and activities. Based on this analysis we will determine the level of rescue capability needed. The final step will be to ascertain the amount of training and equipment needed to meet their location's needs.


Bruce Hulberg February 3, 2016

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