D2000 High Angle 1 Rescue Harness


D2000 High Angle 1 Work and Rescue Harness

D2000 High Angle 1 Work and Rescue Harness

D2000's High Angle 1 Work and Rescue Harness provides users with a great balance of comfort, durability, ease of use, and practicality.

The harness and all attachment points and connectors are certified to ANSI Z359.1 - 2007 and all OSHA standards.  Each harness is designed to fit a wide range of body shapes as well as outer clothing thicknesses, so this equipment is well suited to a variety of climatic conditions.

This harness is rated for a total user weight (including tools) of up to 400 pounds.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Quick and easy donning and adjusting:In an actual The back strap can be easily adjusted by the useremergency, the ability to don and adjust your harness quickly can be critical. The High Angle 1 is made with red webbing on the chest and back with blue webbing on the legs so users can quickly identify up from down. Quick-lock buckles on the legs and chest save even more time. Users can easily reach all the harness adjustments (including the one on the back) without help from a team mate. One tug on the y-harness adjustment strap tightens bo th shoulder straps.
  • Multiple attachment points:In the vertical realm, versatility counts. Note the positioning rings on the waistbelt and d-rings on the waist, chest, and center back which provide the user with multiple connection options.

    Two utility pockets are located on the back waist strap.

  • Utility pockets:Along with a glove clip, the High Angle 1 includes velcroed pockets on the rear waistbelt. These are perfect for cell phones, pagers, medical supplies, knives or other small items that can cause serious injury if carried in the user's pants or jacket pockets and the user falls.
  • Break away tool and y-lanyard leg attachment points: The High Angle 1 provides users with convenient, break away attachment loops for tools, hardware, or the unused leg of a y-lanyard.

Sizing Information:

  • Small – Waist: 28″ – 32″ Ht: 5 4″ – 6′ 1″
  • Medium- Waist: 32″ – 36″ Ht: 5 5″ – 6′ 5″
  • Large – Waist: 35″ – 39″ Ht: 5 5″ – 6′ 6″
  • Extra Large – Waist: 39″ – 52″ Ht: 5 5″ – 7′ 0″

Item # D2KHA1

Jim Johnson September 12, 2017
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