D2000 Provides Excavation Safety Training for Compliance Officers

At the request of WISHA (Washington State OSHA) D2000 trained compliance officers in the areas of excavation safety. The coordinator of WISHA training explained that it was important to conduct this class in the summer, which is during the height of the construction season. According to one of the compliance officers, 'it was the best class I've taken in the last three years!"

"The class was basically the same as our competent person class," D2000's Lead Instructor, Harvey McGill, explained. "The class ran about three days with about half of that spent doing hands-on activities."

We focussed on several areas," Harvey explained. "Primarily the proper placement of shields and shoring, along with the engineering data that is used to calculate the loads which the walls of the excavation impose on the protective systems." Other topics included dewatering strategies, soil testing, and controlling traffic patterns that can create vibration in the soil.

In September D2000 will be training about forty-five compliance officers in the area of scaffold safety at the HAMMER training facility in Richland, Washington.

Jim Johnson April 17, 2014
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