D2000 to Attend Upcoming Fall 2014 Safety Conference

Fall 2014 Safety Conference

The Fall 2014 Safety Conference is coming quickly and so is the Central Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Conference Fall 2014 Safety Conferencein Bend on September 24-25th and the Southern Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Conference in Medford on October 14-16th. If you’re planning to attend we invite you to stop by our booth and meet our Safety Services Manager/Forklift Instructor, Bruce Hulberg. While there be sure to pick up copies of our new safety and rescue brochures which highlight our services. Then test your skill on our remote control forklift obstacle/basketball course, view our Forklift Bloopers video, enter a drawing to win a remote control forklift, and sign up for our free Forklift Safety Newsletter.Fall 2014 Safety Conference 2

Bruce Hulberg March 23, 2016

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