Petzl Connexion Fixe

 Petzl Connexion Fixe

The Petzl Connexion Fixe is a high strength temporary anchor often used to belay a rope or to lift very heavy loads. The high strength webbing features forged steel D rings at each end, and is very resistant to abrasion and aging.Connexion Fixe

It is available in three lengths 100cm (39"), 150cm (59"), and 200cm (79").


  • Forged steel D-rings on the ends
  • Available in three lengths: 100, 150 and 200 cm

Technical Specifications:

  • Breaking load: 35 kN.
  • CE certified EN 795 B (temporary anchor)
  • CE certified EN 354 (lanyard).

Item # P-C42 100

Jim Johnson September 12, 2017
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