Busy Spring for D2000

Over the last few months D2000 instructors have been training all over the west coast. Some recent projects include:

Confined Space Training for Certified Coatings: A contractor for a number of refineries, Certified Coatings (Concord CA) brought their workers into the office on a Saturday last March for an eight-hour confined space safety class taught by Jim Johnson.

Confined Space Train the Trainer for Swanson Group: Duane Bralley travelled to Roseburg Oregon in April and delivered a one-day accelerated course to Swanson Group on confined space safety.

Asbestos and Confined Space Refresher for City of Juneau: Harvey McGill taught a two-day asbestos refresher and a one-day confined space refresher for wastewater workers in May.

Confined Space Safety for Sabroso and Masterbrand Cabinets: Duane Bralley travelled down I-5 and spent a two days training in Meford and Grants Pass, Oregon. He also performed a permit space assessment for Masterbrand Cabinets.

Excavation Safety for Competent Persons: Over twenty people attended a three-day class at the state-of-the-art HAMMER Training Facility in Richland, Washington. The class took place in early May. Most of the students are involved with construction projects at the nearby Hanford Nuclear facility.

Confined Space Rescue: Several classes were held this spring including a three-day class for Armtec Defense in Coachella, California and another three-day class for Kraft Foods in Tulare. Additional classes are scheduled in Massachusetts and Kentucky.

Excavation Safety for Compliance Officers: WISHA contracted with D2000 to provide excavation safety training to 14 compliance officers in Kennewick, Washington. The three-day class took place in June and the training was provided by Harvey McGill.

Confined Space Train the Trainer in Oxnard: The City of Oxnard co-sponsored a two-day train the trainer class that was attended by local public works safety professionals from surrounding communities. The class was taught by Jim Johnson and took place in early June.

Confined Space Train the Trainer for the USACE: The Army Corps of Engineers arranged to have eleven staff members trained in confined space safety at the Lake Sonoma Dam in the heart of the Napa Valley. The training concluded in mid-June.

That's a sample of some of the projects we've been involved with. It has been a very busy spring!

Jim Johnson April 17, 2014
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