Yates BlueWater Mini Haul

BlueWater Mini Haul

BlueWater Mini Haul utilizes 35 feet of 8 mm Technora rope with nylon core for superior strength, low stretch and sharp edge resistance. Rope also features sewn end terminations for strength, compactness and safety.Bluewater Mini Haul 41kit

BlueWater Mini Haul includes:

  • Yates Bolt and Tool Bag (small)
  • Set of lightweight SMC JR/JRB pulleys
  • 2 Yates Oval Screwgate carabiners
  • One 11 inch sewn 6mm Hybrid prusik and
  • One 6mm Maillon Rapide quick link.

This system is a great solution to many problems. Works for a multitude of applications. The kit has the Yates BlueWater Multi-Use Bolt and Tool bag with velcro belt type rear attachment. Can be removed from belt or harness and placed on structure or litter easily. The rope is a tactical black version of BlueWater’s 8mm NFPA Escape rope that features a polyester sheath over a nylon core. Comprehensive testing insures this product meets the rated strength every time.


Jim Johnson June 14, 2016
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