Arizona Vortex Multipod, Complete

Arizona Vortex Multipod

The new Arizona Vortex Multipod is the next evolution of the Arizona Vortex. Named the "Multipod" because of its flexibility, it has a two-piece break-apart head that can be rigged as a standard tripod, or in advanced applications, as an A-Fram, a sideways A-Frame, or a Gin Pole. The "easel" leg allows the tripod to be leaned to form an easel A-Frame, placing anchor points closer to the cliff or structure edge. With adjustable leg lengths and a versatile third leg, the Multipod lets rescuers set up an artificial high directional in virtually any urban, industrial or wilderness location. Three different types of Vortex feetĀ Arizona Vortex 1are available to provide secure footing on varying terrain. The Arizona Vortex multipod comes complete with:

  • 1 Head Set
  • 3 Upper Legs
  • 7 Lower Legs
  • 1 Head Set Pulley Wheel
  • 1 Head Bag
  • 4 Leg Bags
  • 1 Pin Bag
  • 4 Head Pins
  • 11 Leg Pins
  • 3 Raptor Feet
  • 3 Flat Feet
  • a Basic Instruction Manual

Item # RRG-727300

  • Use without feet is not recommended.UL Certified to NFPA 1983, Standard on Life Safety Rope and Equipment for Emergency Services, 2006 Edition, and is rated General-Use, MBS 36 kN.
    While the Vortex has four basic configurations, it was certified for the Tripod and Easel A-Frame configurations only; there is no certification process for the other two configurations (Bi-pod and Mono-pod or A-Frame and Gin Pole).
Jim Johnson March 23, 2016
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