ACP Terms and Conditions

Please review these terms and conditions. Your typed name in the box below will signify your acceptance of these terms. If you feel that you will not be able to meet these requirements, please contact us at


D2000 Safety, Inc., an Oregon Corporation, has developed training programs addressing a number of safety and rescue topics and has agreed to make specific programs, including updates, available to participants in the Authorized Curriculum Provider program (ACP Licensees) to support the internal, non-commercial training activities of the ACP Licensee.  This agreement can be renewed annually by agreement of both parties.

For the purposes of this agreement, “internal, non-commercial training activities” are defined as delivery of the training programs to fellow employees or contractors at the trainer’s company or organization.

In consideration for access to and the use of these training programs and updates, the ACP Licensee agrees that:

  • Training materials are copyrighted and cannot be copied without written permission from D2000 Safety.
  • Courses will be delivered as designed. The trainer may augment the curricula with site-specific information.
  • D2000′s student workbooks will be purchased and used when appropriate. These materials are essential aspects of the training program and help ensure that learning objectives are met. For refresher training, you have permission to print out and copy the relevant PowerPoint slides and use them for handouts.

ACP Terms and Conditions - Acceptance

Jim Johnson June 16, 2015
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