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D2000 Safety's Authorized Curriculum Provider (ACP) Program is designed to ensure that participants who have competed one of D2000 Safety's Mastery-Level training programs have the tools and resources needed to provide the highest quality training possible to employees and contractors at their facilities.

The program focuses on internal, non-commercial training activities.

Instructors who seek to deliver this training to students outside their organizations AND who plan to charge a fee for this training must be approved as external trainers (please email for details and criteria).

If you have completed a D2000 Train-the-Trainer class within the last twelve months and you would like to participate:

If you have completed a D2000 Train-the-Trainer class more than twelve months ago and you would like to participate:

Upon acceptance you will be emailed login credentials that will admit you to the ACP area of our website. You will be able to access our latest curricula and other resources for one year. After that you will have the option to renew your membership.

Company Rates

If you have more than one trainer, we do offer company rates.

  • Up to three trainers: $180/year
  • Up to five trainers: $250/year.

Each trainer would have access to the classes that they are authorized to teach.

Why Participate?

This program is designed to provide qualified trainers with:Cal Learning1

  • Access to all our most current training curricula at reduced costs.
  • Support in developing or adapting programs to meet specific needs.
  • Printing and issuance of course completion wallet cards and certificates (optional).
  • Archiving of training records on our server. (All training records are considered confidential property of the curriculum provider's company and are not shared or published in any way.)
  • Discounted pricing on D2000 Safety training materials.
  • Access to rescue and fall protection equipment at discounted prices.

Here is a screen capture of the confined space curricula. Click to see it in greater detail.

CS Screen Capture


For more information about our Authorized Curriculum Provider (ACP) program, look at our ACP: Frequently Asked Questions.

Jim Johnson June 16, 2015
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