7/16″ Mod D Steel Quik Lok

7/16" Modified D Steel Quik Lok Carabiner

One of our finest designs and most successful products, the 7/16" Modified D Steel Quik Lok Carabiner is a great handling carabiner for general use. Heat treated and plated to increase corrosion resistance, thisModified D Steel Quik Lok 1 'biner is a must for every rescue kit. Be sure to check out our captive-eye version which is great as a component to slings, harnesses and kits when you don't want the carabiner to become detached. Captive eye Modified D's are great for OEM projects and industrial uses (each captive-eye comes with the pin uninstalled, ready for your use).

7/16" Modified D Steel Quik Lok:

  • Gate Opening mm/inch : 24 / .945
  • Major-Axis Strength: 51kN
  • Gate Open Strength: 14kN
  • Minor-Axis Strength: 9kN
  • Weight grams/ounces: 220 / 7.8
  • Length mm/inch: 111.3 / 4.38
  • Width mm/inch: 70.4 / 2.77

Item # OP-OP76S38Q

Jim Johnson June 14, 2016
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